“Foolishness” Movie

Winner of the I. C. V. M. Crown Award for “best evangelistic film” 2013





Hear The Gospel as some of the best skateboarders in the world use their gifts for The Kingdom.

Many tricks at many spots sharing many verses and testimonies.

                                                        “Brian Sumner’s skate-studded DVD, “Foolishness,” is the fullest 60-minute Gospel word i’ve heard.”                                                             John Piper

“I watched this video and was stirred by the stories of the transforming power of Christ. It deserves to be widely distributed and viewed.”
 Alistair Begg Parkside Church Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

“To some we are the fragrance of life. To others we are the smell of death. FOOLISHNESS is a movie about real faith presented in a very cool way.”        Brian “Head” Welch.

Winner of the I. C. V. M. Crown Award for “best evangelistic film” 2013

d5 Family Approved by The Dove Foundation.

Featuring: Brian Sumner, Christian Hosoi, Jay “Alabamy” Haizlip, Steve Caballero, Josh Harmony, Eggy, Chris Weigle, Zac Archuleta, Aaron Morgan, Richard Jefferson, Deezle, Anthony Carney, Richard Mulder, Davie Voetberg, DIego, Tom Geilfuss, Shawn Mandoli, Chad Tim Tim, John Kight. Music: Josh Harmony, Call To Glory, Andrew William (Diego) and Erick Cole and Travis Taylor. Executive Producer: Howie Lang. Written, Directed and Produced: Brian Sumner. Filmed and Edited: Brandon Wall 60 min feature with over 30 minutes of bonus footage. Filmed in High Definition.