Brian Sumner is a City Pastor at Branches Church in Huntington Beach, California, who also travels to speak, and serve worldwide. Since coming to faith in 2004, Brian as been been engaged in both local, and international ministry focusing on Evangelism, outreach, Bible teaching, church services, youth groups, missions trips, marriage and mens conferences. 

Born in Liverpool England, at age 15 Brian transplanted to American going on to become a Professional Skateboarder traveling the world for years riding for Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse, along with companies such as Adio, Volcom, Analog, Independent and the likes.

 In 1999 Brian was married and soon he and his wife were expecting their first child. Over the course of the next few years Brian’s life and marriage faced a lot of challenges ultimately ending in divorce, leaving him angry, depressed and even suicidal.

Through a year of separation from his wife Brian faced more challenges requiring anger management, even ending up doing community service at a Christian thrift store.

Having made it to America, making the most of his career, and now facing such challenges, he was not happy with where things were, and so he decided to challenge God, whatever that meant, and search for truth. After months of study, challenging people of different faiths, and pursuing truth as best he could, he had a life changing experience leading to his becoming a Christian in 2004.

“I was going to God to fix my life but He was dealing with me about my sin, about the world I was born into and about why He sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins and offer His forgiveness. That night I cried out to God to be forgiven, repenting as I understood for the first time that Jesus is Lord, would get baptized, use skateboarding as God saw fit,  and even re-marry my ex-wife.”

Soon after his ex-wife came to faith, and within just a few months they re-married going on to have two more children. Upon becoming a Christian Brian received invites to share his conversation story. This momentum continued to build and today Brian’s time is spent focusing on MISSIONS – MARRIAGES – MINISTRY.

Brian has also been part of many amazing projects  such as the “I Am Second” video testimony series, Billy Grahams “My Hope”, the “Hardflip” movie, and “Foolishness” the SkateBible movie which Brian co-produced, wrote, and directed that went on to win “best Evangelistic film of 2013″.                                    

In 2015 Brian published his first book, “Never Fails” .  30 chapters focused on sharing Gods truth, revealing their struggles and victories as a tool to use as they continue sharing the work God can do in marriages.  

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