Since God saved us in 2004, and restored our marriage, doors have opened consistently to continually share The Gospel. 
Locally and worldwide the focus has been on Evangelism, Outreach, Missions Trips, Church Services, Youth Ministry, Festivals, Marriage and Mens Conferences, Schools and Recovery Centers. Also as part of the Teaching Team here at my home church.
Because of our marriage story, and the struggles with anger, depression and suicide, we in turn spend lots of time counseling people. 
Coming to America to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder, things all changed once coming to faith, as scripture makes clear that our days as believers are for reaching people, and equipping them by way of The Great Commission.  
Bible School, serving as a Deacon and today as a Pastor, 2013 having a wife and three children, not being paid staff, The Elders and Pastors of my home church through prayer, challenged my family to step out in faith, believing God was continuing to lead us into full time ministry. 
Since then life has been lived as an urban missionary of sorts, sharing The Gospel 100’s of times, seeing many confess Jesus, and living so as to disciple others. Churches often have salary’s for Pastors, worship leaders, secretaries and the like, but not always for the Evangelist/Urban Missionary. 
This led to our Elder board, directing my family towards raising a monthly salary, as missionaries do, to fund, facilitate and enable the ministry goals.


“Mission Enablers International” is the Non-profit that handles all of Brian’s support funds.

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