Brian Sumner is an Evangelist/Pastor/Speaker, Host of The Foolishness Podcast and Author of the Never Fails Marriage Book.
Brian came to faith in 2004 at the height of his professional skateboard career.

Born in Liverpool England, at age 15 Brian transplanted to America to become part of Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards, building a successful decade-plus long career riding for some of the biggest skate companies in the world, reaching international acclaim.

In 1999 Brian was married and soon he and his wife Tracy were expecting their first child. Within just a few years of marriage, without either of them having faith, they were soon fighting, struggling, and divorced.                      This left Brian feeling angry, depressed and even suicidal.

A year of separation led Brian in search for truth, ultimately to prove there was no God, with the goal of proving life had no purpose. 

As Brian challenged the different faiths, asking tough questions and digging into Gods Word, he had a life changing experience leading to his coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

“I was going to God to fix my life, while He was, through His Word confronting the issue of sin, the cursed world we live in and the reason He sent His Son Jesus. This “Good News” was new to me! One night, at home in my office, while divorced from Tracy, crying out to God, He opened my eyes, awakened my heart, and I experienced His love and forgiveness exactly as The Bible declares. I promised to get baptized, be used however God saw fit, and even, if He led, re-marry my ex-wife.”

Tracy came to faith within three weeks, having her own encounter of faith, and they were soon re-married going on to have two more children. 

God immediately began to move, rebuilding their marriage and opening doors for Brian’s faith to be shared.

Speaking at Youth Events, Churches, Outreaches, Festivals, Recovery Centers, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Marriage Conferences, Mens Conferences leading Missions Trips and the like soon became the norm.

In 2013 Brian’s home church Branches affirmed this call and encouraged him to step out into full-time Ministry as a somewhat Urban Missionary, raising full time support.

Yearly The Gospel would be shared 100’s of times, as the Ministry became more and more specific leading to three primary areas of consistent focus.







As an Evangelist the call is to Evangelize people locally and internationally while also helping train and equip the local church. The Great Co-Mission is to be part of the every day lives of all believers. GO- EQUIP – SEND!


God powerfully restored our marriage leading to our encouraging people, counseling people, writing a book, as well as traveling to speak.                                              The Bible begins with Marriage, and ends with one.


Being ready in and out of season means just that. No day is the same, be it speaking at my home church as part of the teaching team, other Churches, Schools, Conferences, Colleges, Universities, Youth Groups/Camps/Retreats – Men’s Retreats – Rehabs – Prayer Breakfasts – weekly skate nights our WE GATHER Street Ministry or leading Missions trips.

Ministry encompasses wherever the Lord may lead becoming all things to all men, that we may win some.

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