Hope are are good and staying focused on The Lord. I have been super busy all over the place doing various things. A lot of you have been trying to track whats taking place in the “Skate Ministry” so to speak, so…

At http://sanctuaryhb.com/ we have a service called “Generations”.  I share the message, and Josh Harmony plays in the worship band. Also Richard Jefferson, Pastor Christian Hosoi and of course Senior Pastor Jay Haizlip are often involved. Shawn Mandoli is a minister at our church teaches the Bible School on tuesdays. Also a lot of skaters are plugged in for the thursday, saturday and sunday services. Pastor Jay teaches all other services.

I have been riding for Relianceskate.com for some time now and boards and such are really starting to move. Its relevant because every person on the team is a serious believer and it isn’t about a brand and loads on money. Instead promoting The Gospel.

Also riding for Truth Soul Armor clothing I am blessed to be able to be supported while going around the world sharing the Gospel. Truth has some amazing clothing and again they are a Christian brand.

Myself, Pastor Christian Hosoi and Pastor Jay also are 7 episode into the next season of The Uprising. http://steelroots.com/theuprising/ We will be doing ten in all and leave for The Cayman islands end of the month.

Big news is also that http://www.skatebible.com/ is being revamped and is in the process of making a full on ministry video. Hopefully, and be praying, it will be finished in the next few months. Goal is for kids in youth ministry to have a relevant way to reach the skate generation. Lot of skating and The Gospel. Keep a look out.

Vimeo skatebible page has lots of video so far, please check them out to stay in touch.


Read James 15 and see are you abiding in Him!

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