Hope everyone is good. So much been going on. SkateBible.com is up and running gaining momentum. I have been sharing most sunday nights at The Sanctuary “Generations”. New board coming out on Reliance any day. Shoe almost finished and ready for release on Airspeed. Truth has been re-doing a lot of their gear this season. “Foolishness” the Movie, has been getting amazing feedback and is scheduled to be available all throughout Oz, Europe and Asia within the next few months. Also working with some distro’s here in the US to get it out to more places. Working on skate footage and photos as we speak, but most importantly, seeking The Lord daily to better understand who I am in Him… My schedule is so busy, so please get a hold of me on facebook for more daily info. Thanks for all your prayers and support. God Bless. We had two big events this past weekend with around 100 people confessing Jesus. What’s your food for the day? John 4:34