Hope all is well. I have been super busy so sorry for the lack of updates. Was just out in Fort Worth, Texas sharing at the South West Believers Conference which was an amazing time. The Kenneth Copeland Minstries invited myself and Chris Weigle out to demo and I got to share with the hundreds of teens. Headed back out to Fort Worth a few weeks later for a music festival at the Nascar track where I got to share The Gospel. Amazing! Heading out to South Dakota tomorrow for LifeLight Music Festival where we get to demo and share for 3 days with reported crowds of 250 000. Praise God! New shoe is out on Airspeed as I am sure you have seen from the post below, hope you enjoy them, cheap and good to skate in. We are working on having this page linked to everything for updates asap… I post on the Facebook page everyday so please check that. God Bless… God gave us breath today for a purpose, we can use it for His purpose, or ours. Read Ephesians 2:8-10 and see for yourself! †