Spearfish South Dakota was a great time. Connection Church stepped up and made every effort to reach out to the skate community.

Pastor Doug Hixson writes “Last night may have been one of the most amazing demonstrations of the awesome power of God.  As we were working at our outreach to skaters, we saw that from our west, rain was coming.  The clouds were gathering and it seemed inevitable that we were going to have rain in less that an hour.  We had worked to bring all things together so that Brian Sumner…pro-skater, now sold out for Christ, could share the gospel with all who had come to park.

Believing that we serve a God who can do anything that He wants, we prayed that God would stop the rain.  We believed that more than what we wanted to happen as a church and as a team, God wanted even more for these people to hear of His amazing love given in Jesus Christ on the cross.  As Brian began to speak, the clouds literally formed a circle around Spearfish.  Where the storm had started to push through, the hand of God cleared the clouds and there was no rain…nothing but clear skies above us.

Brian shared His story of how God changed his life and how the Gospel was real and for every person.  And as several dozen people came and gave their heart to Jesus, God smiled down on Spearfish.  The moment that Brian said Amen after leading those people to Christ, the wind began to blow.  It was as if God said…I am pleased.

There are many unexplainable things that happen in our world.  There are many skeptics who doubt that there is a God.  There are many people that think that God is not in control.  I am here to tell you that God showed up in power last night and I am a witness that when God wants to stop the sun from moving in the sky or stop the rain from falling….HE IS GOD!

May we never doubt for one moment that the miraculous God of the Bible is any different today than what He was then.  God is an amazing God and His desire is that all come to a saving knowledge of Him!

May I as a Christ-follower and we as a church never doubt but live out the faith that we claim and see the miracles of an amazing God!”

Pastor Doug Hixson of www.spearfishconnection.com