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CATALYST 2015 // APRIL 17th-19th [In light of the gospel]
Speakers: Brian Sumner Simon Clegg
This Conference will be epic and the whole purpose is to teach around all aspects of the gospel and the supremacy of Christ in all things! As well as some great teaching at the night and day sessions we are holding 2 skate demos with open air gospel messages. SANCTUARY POINT SKATE PARK – Sat 18th April 11am-1pm – NOWRA SKATE PARK – Sunday 19th April 3pm-5pm. Free BBQ also. It is a FREE conference but if you want a seat for the sessions you need to register at the following link:https://generations.churchapp.co.uk/events/iboi3sle
We would love to have you involved as we reach out to the people of the Shoalhaven!