Excited to say we have gotten approx 1200 "Never Fails" books out so far. As a self published marriage resource our goal is to get to 5000. In doing so that allows for us to give even more books away. The goal being that anyone who needs this book can get it, one way or another. YOU CAN HELP, by letting people know about this book, and also IF YOU HAVE READ IT, by writing a review on Amazon. Please pray for those reading it, and their marriages. Second book on the way, as an apologetics book hidden with in an auto-biography. What do I wish I could of read at 18 before life got flip turned upside down? So why not write something for other 18 year olds? Tag people and share please. Link to purchase for personalized copies in bio. #neverfailsbook #neverfails #love #loveneverfails #Jesus #jesuschrist #marriage #married #divorce #hope @sola.fide

We are giving away FIVE copies of the “Never Fails”, marriage, engaged, courting devotional.

 This book can be sent to you, or to a friend of whose address you submit.

All you need to enter and possibly win one a copy, is

  1. Watch the sermon below (by clicking on the image)
  2. Write a paragraph summarizing the sermon
  3. E-mail the paragraph, and a mailing address along to skatebiblesales@hotmail.com

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God Bless.