How often are we disgruntled, challenged, shaken, while still we are meant to have faith in Christ?

Having faith in The Savior does not always mean we are as bold, and confident as we should be.

As much as we believe in God, have had an encounter with Jesus and have been born again, the reality is that in a world that is visible and physical, not being able to see God, but by the ways He chooses to reveal Himself is a walk of faith.

One of the ways He did chose to reveal Himself, both for His disciples encouragement and also for us to consider today was on the mount of “Transfiguration”.

Jesus had just shared with His followers of His upcoming death, calling them to carry their cross, die to self, lose their lives and not be ashamed of Him.

Once sharing with them such a harsh reality, of possible death, giving of life, and the likes, what was the focus He gave them as an encouragement?

As He took three of His disciples upon the mountain, in one of the most significant events of His life, He chose to reveal to them His Glory.

The Glory that would reveal Who He truly is, and how He is not just a child, a carpenter, or even just One Who would end up on The Cross. No, His focus here is upon Who He is actually is in eternity past, present and future.

Today, Who do you see Jesus as? And what would it mean if we pictured Him today as He truly is, in His Glory?

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