We are currently raising final support for our upcoming Costa Rica Trip. Please pray and consider partnering to make The Gospel go forth. 

May 6th – May 15th 

Schools/Special needs school Carnival – soccer – basketball – face paints – skate demo – The Gospel. These kids look forward to these days, and are amazed anyone even shows up to their school, scores goals on them, tries to learn their language and ends up becoming part of their lives. You may cry! 

Jui-jitsu Outreach – Child trafficking and rape are common in Liberia. Professor Jean De-lima jiu-Jitsu black belt, teaches community how to protect themselves. We participate, serve, and share The Gospel. 

City on dump – Makeshift homes on what used to be the city dump. Our team brings in donations of diapers, lightly worn clothes, stationary, toys and such. We meet with the locals in the center hall, share our faith, and hopefully this year will be able to win our annual football/soccer match. 

Evangelize/Invite people to church – Center plaza. Heavily Catholic. Engage with the locals in the square playing worship and doing daily debriefings in public. 

3 day Marriage/Relationship conference – Pastor Jamie is inviting local churches as there is nothing like this around, local community is in desperate need of getting into Gods Word for the marriages.        

Elderly Home – These folks look forward to their weekly visits and they will want you to play their music, bingo, check out their art and normally even a dance or two. 

Rainforest canopy tour (fun day) – Forest, monkeys, lizards wild animals, zip lines, horses, beach, surf. Even Jesus withdrew and rested.

Hotel: $60-$75 per night split between 3-4 people = $20 a night per person. We stay in the same hotel every trip, which has free breakfast, easy access to city square, and areas to debrief, pray, study.  

Travel: Flights are $475.00 from LAX direct or one stop to Liberia. 

15 Passenger bus – $600                                 

Food: $20-$25 per day covers meals, snacks.

Ministry Money: We recommend $100 – $150 per person towards the Ministry needs while there. Renting space, purchases, blessing those in need and ministered to.

12 Suitcase at $25 each. $300 worth of stationary, women make up, kids toys, crayons, coloring books, bingo prizes, diapers, children needs. 

Fun day: $100 per person for horses, ziplines or whatever the day may entail. 

Total = $1150 – $1500

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