Does this pertain? Are you a Worship Leader, who is feeling slighted, burned out, faced with the reality of this office looking very different than you had expected when you once dreamed of using your musical gift to lead a congregation into worship each week?

Maybe you are even a lead pastor who arrived at this article because you realize just how important it is for you to connect better with the worship team and not just view them as hired hands, replaceable who can be leading the flock one weekend, and out the next.

The reality is that many churches have done all sorts backflips these past few decades resulting in looking more like a business or corporate entity, seeking to be the next megachurch, have the biggest influences, or even though it may been desired with integrity, reach the most people.

This in turn has left way for people to feel disposable, as simply having a job rather than being able to contribute their gift and perspective to walk in partnership with the team.

Why have so many worship leaders walked away from their call within just a few years? Why have pastors often tied a weight around their necks calling them to be more like this, or that, so as to fill the seats, where in if the worship leader suggested the same of the preaching, message and vision, again they would be looking for employment elsewhere.

While it’s one thing to look at how pastors can view worship leaders, this also speaks to the kind of pressures pastors can often feel, sadly even that they may put upon themselves. In this episode of The Foolishness Podcast, with over 40 years of experience, Justin Unger and Scott Cunningham deep dive to give us perspective walking through worship experiences wearing many hats.

Likewise Worship Collective is a california based ministry that focuses on encouraging worship leaders in all areas, aiming to help them have better experiences, while also helping pastors to grow their own understanding of these roles.

You can watch the full episode by clicking on the image above.

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