Sex, Lies & Love – Introduction – Pro skater and co-host of the Uprising with Christian Hosoi and Jay Haizlip, Brian Sumner talks candidly about sex, and gives an overview of what the Bible says about sex outside of marriage. Brian discusses shocking statistics like 50% of the 18 million people who have STD’s are Teenagers, 1 million girls under 20 become Pregnant out of wedlock each year, and 47% of professing Christians admit to struggling with Porn. Sumner gives an overview of challenges addressed in the Steelroots exclusive 5-part series, SEX, LIES and LOVE.

Yo, sorry for the lagging updates. Family was sick and everyone was very busy… Check updates on Foolishness over at The Uprising reality show season two is airing on tv and now. Lots of new stuff happening over at Reliance as far as skateboards… Saturday night Generations services are moving forward and we have been gathering and praying for guidance. So tired and have Bible school mid term tomorrow. Thanks everyone for praying. God saved me, changed my life and I am excited to serve Him with you all. 1 John 2:15-17 is powerful! Sermons are playing in the media section.