Cut it out!

 “Could you sign your signature here?” she asked. Lifting up her arm as her and a friend approached me. Two girls in a parking lot of a giant church. We had invited the youth group and whoever else wished to skate, get free food and hear some worship music to come out to hang with […]

“Good Soil”.

  Really? We can start with excitement about our walk with Christ, the good news, and our future with Him, and then can step back, get caught up, and end up who knows where? Am I saying losing salvation? Am I saying never saved? Who am I to say any of this? But what I […]


  How amazing it is what Jesus accomplished? He lived a perfect life, took upon Himself all of our sins, and shed His perfect Blood to cover them. And of course He was crucified, went down into the grave and rose again, proving He over came deaths sting. Thank You Lord! It’s here, that we […]