Hows your marriage? All working out? Is it causing you to grow, consider, die to self? It should be. Many of you know our story, we were married, had a child, then divorced. Soon after that we came to faith, and God restored our marriage, but that did not mean marriage was easy. It takes years of growth, commitment, and dying to self as daily we trust God and the work He is doing both in and through us in our marriage. Anger, frustration, jealousy, lack of trust, not understanding our purpose and more. All of that while wanting to be loved, raising children, and figuring out who we are. This book is not a game, not written for entertainment, or to hopefully become a New York times best seller. It is written to record our struggles, point to Gods truth, and share with couples the many things we have sat and shared with couples over the years. God is good, is for our marriages, and this 30 day devotion is here with the purpose of using Gods Word, our tesitmonies and your own walk to help strengthen the bonds of trust you have in Jesus, and one another. This book is also self published, so I can get as many copies into the hands of people as possible. Please share this post, tag people, put in your newsletter and get out to the world if you know our story and believe God can do the same for others. Marriages mean more than the newest youtube video, online game or newest product. This link is for the limited 150 book run, before hitting Amazon and out into stores. Thanks for your support and please pray for this resource to encourage.

For more orders we have three packs enabling people to have books sent to people.