Does God seem angry to you? Why does there seem to be so much more anger, hurt, death in The Old Testament? Is that the case? What about the death of men, women, even children?       What about the flood? What about what people refer to today as Genocide? Even Richard Dawkins himself preaches how God is a jealous, wrathful, moral monster. Is this so? Did Dawkins dig into the whole text? Does he understand Gods plan through Abraham, and just why many were being wiped out? Are your own questions with God and why many things unfold accurate?         Is it Gods will for people to suffer?

“If God is so loving and just, why is he so angry? In this unique sermon on the beach, Brian Sumner examines the violence recorded in the Old Testament, as well as the Grace that defines the New Testament to explore the consistency of God’s loving character throughout the Biblical narrative, put on the ultimate display through Jesus’ death and resurrection.”

Of all the places to talk about “Gods anger”, it was at our beach service, the 5th week into our “questions series”, that the text was unpacked. Click to hear!