A lowest of the rung tax collector called “Levi”, not able to visit the synagogues, an outcast from his own people, sitting in his booth feeling less than, and who should he look upon?
Who should come walking towards him after having healed a paralytic man? Jesus!
Levi had no hope, no where to turn, and nothing other than what he wrestled for everyday to live for.
This day the miracle was not that Levi saw Jesus, but it was that JESUS SAW LEVI. AND JESUS SEES YOU!
As Levi left everything to “Follow” Jesus, he would go from collecting taxes, strong arming people, and taking advantage of all he could, to becoming an Apostle, living a just life, and even being re-named Matthew.
Yes, Levi became Matthew, gave us the first Gospel in our Bible, and whose name even means “Jehovahs gift”.

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