SUICIDE? DEPRESSION? ANXIETY? PARANOIA? Who do you know that faces such things daily and who may need to hear the truth? This past week has been a reminder of the pain and hurt people face and carry, and while we may feel it best to post the beauty and joy in life, it was while […]

Based on Luke 8:40-56, we look at how “Jesus Restores”.

The Woman with the issue of blood, and Jairus’s daughter? What do we see in these stories that reveals the restoration Jesus brings? As we close out Luke chapter 8, Jesus raises a dead girl and heals a woman who was sick. Defying societal expectations, Jesus does a healing for two people on opposite sides […]

Norma Jean!

It was a crazy experience, walking into her room. It had been a few months since my last visit and prior to this she was still walking around, able to give hugs, make jokes, ask questions. Life and character was still evident in her. But now was very different. The front room of the house, […]