How is your marriage? Do you understand what marriage is? Are you struggling? Living with yourself as the center? Ready to give up? Considering divorce? Are you aware of Gods plan for not only your marriage, but your life?



Not being raised in the faith, we were married, pregnant, and soon divorced. We had wrote the book on how not to be married, and had no clue what the book (Bible) about how to be married actually said. 

In 2004 I came to faith, and soon after Tracy followed. Within a few months we were re-married, and went on to have two more children. 

The story of how God worked not only in our souls, but in our marriage has been shared all over the world in many formats from I Am Second, Billy Graham, and 700 Club videos, to interviews, articles, church services and outreaches.

I came to America to become a professional skateboarder, but today Pastor in Huntington Beach California also traveling as God wills. 

The goal of this video is to invite you into the first five chapters of our book on marriage “Never Fails”, with the goal or establishing truth in your heart, home, and witness.

Because of our testimony, our coming to faith immediately led us to sharing with couples, searching the scriptures, and fighting for marriages. Often this took place over the phone, over coffee, or in the home. 

Because we can’t connect with everyone in person, our hope is that this video would be a way to connect with you some of the truths we have found in Gods Word, and point you to the reality of Gods plan for marriage, as it is one of the ways He uses our lives to live out The Great Commission.

PRAY for those who would watch this, that they would hear GODS VOICE, and FOLLOW.

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