Having just performed many miracles, and then asking the disciples who they say Jesus is, we see that they are shaken to the core, as Jesus begins to reveal His journey towards The Cross. So many supposed Messiahs have come and gone, with many of them dying, even being crucified. So what makes Jesus any different?

Well in just 8 days time, Peter, John and James will see Jesus transfigured, literally in His Glory, revealing Who He is really is, and how they should see Him in His Glory, and not only on a Cross.  In possibly the most significant event between the birth and death of Jesus, we are invited to see Our Lord in a whole new light, literally, where verses come to life, Moses finally enters the promised land, and we see “the law and the prophets” as in Moses and Elijah speaking about Jesus’s future Exodus.

This message will encourage your faith, and challenge us to see Jesus as He really is. What does it mean to Carry your cross? Why are we called lose our life for His sake? Why is it important to not  be ashamed of Jesus? Because of His Glory, and all that He has planned for us, in Him.